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This page is dedicated to a beautiful young lady named, Lili. Lili and her family are very special as you can see by the following pictures. You may have seen Lili and her cousins, Danny & Larry, featured on "Fox's Guieness World Record" as the world hairiest family.
Once you meet Lili in person, you are suddenly enchanted by her beautiful smile, her sweet laughter and gentle voice.

Lili and her Family are from Loreto, Zacatecas, Mexico

Lili is a morden-day "julia Pastrana!"
Lili with flowers
Lili Meets her Fans A day at Disneyland A Few More Pictures

Under the Big Top Uncle Manuel Chuy

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Lili, Manuel, and Jesus Mailing Address: Lili's Fan Club/Club de Los Admiradores de Lili
P. O. Box 9412
Clownaheim, CA. 92812-7412

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