"The Children of Circus Vargas 2002"

"Foto Album"

  • On the Diabolos is Diligent Dueling Dima.

  • The Tumbler is excellently, executing Emanuel.

  • These cuties are the Hula girls, Johanna, and Princess Stephanie.
    Johanna & Nicole Princess Stephanie
    Johanna & Nicole Princess Stephanie

  • The Living Doll is our very own, precious, Nicole. Assisted by Miss Stephanie
    Nicole Nicole & Princess Stephanie
    Nicole The Living Doll Princess Stephanie & Nicole

  • Our silly clowns are no flukes, they are the comical duo of Beau and Luke.
    Beau & Luke Beau & Luke

  • Miss Stephanie
    Miss Stephanie

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    Dancing Lisa

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    Vargas Clown

    Contact Information for Tickets, Ticket Information, Locations, and Promotions:
    Joan Hart info@circusvargas.org
    Call Toll Free: 877-GOTFUN1 (877-468-3861)

    To contact Circus Vargas for sponsorship,
    television / film / video production,
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    e-mail us at info@circusvargas.org.
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    Circus Vargas
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    Frank - The Man of Steel


    Out in the ring, itıs a clown! Itıs a jester. No, itıs Frank!
    Faster then a speeding desert turtle.
    Able to jump over any chess pieces in a single move.
    More powerful then a toy locomotive.
    With abilities far from those of normal circus prop guys, disguised as the mild mannered Arthurs Exotics assistant, Frank is in a never ending quest for anybody, or anyone that would ask him for an autograph.

    Here he is - The man, the legend - Frank Lewis, the Man of Steel, is the long suffering, silent partner, of Valery the Clownıs "Trapeze" routine.

    Frank Frank

    Valery & Frank

    If you think is easy what Frank does, try to carry your own weight on your shoulders, while running, walking, and balancing.

    Frank loves to eat "sunflower seeds," and giving autographs.